Alarm system for Asterisk

Hello Guys, i’m a student and for my thesis i developed an alarm system to integrate in Asterisk. I would like to share my work with the open source world. I wanted to know if it can be useful and how can I share my work. Any suggestion?
thanks to everybody

I would also be interested in this; possibly to integrate with zoneminder?

Hi Friend
What do you system do ?, coul you upload to megaupload like web pages and share the link to us


I’m looking for a solution that can call a Ring Group on a schedule. It is serving as our “bell system” for our school’s temporary building. If anyone knows of a solution, please post.

You can try using wake-up calls.

Go to your module admin page, select the “Basic”, “Extended”, and “Commercial” repositories, then click check online.

Scroll down until you see “Wake Up Calls” under the “Applications” header.

Install and enable this this module.

Then be sure to apply your config and head up to your “Applications” menu bar. Open up the Wake Up Calls page. Set your schedule. Select an appropriate ring time (Might I suggest 5-10 seconds), set the retry time to 86400 seconds (24 hours), and retries to 365. Set your Caller ID to something like “DO NOT ANSWER” or something like that so your staff won’t answer the call. As long as none of your staff answer the call and cancel the wake up call, this setup will call the ring group for 5-10 seconds, every day for a year, at the times you set.

At least as a temporary solution I think it will work for what you are asking for.

Good luck!

You can only install Wakeup calls from Module Admin in FreePBX 2.11 and later. For earlier versions you can manually download and install the tarball from here:

Unfortunately the module does not support scheduling recurring calls, but smoran22’s solution is a clever work around. Just know that the very first time someone answers the phone when it rings, you will have to manually reschedule your call.

The commercial module ‘Page Pro’ in the store is designed for just this purpose and has the programmed alert function.

When you say “alarm system” are you actually talking about wakeup calls or are you talking about some sort of intruder alarm system?

He is talking about a school bell system.