Ajust followme settings from external phone?

Is it possible/how can I adjust the follow me settings while away from the office?

I’d like to be able to dial in, select an option and either turn on or off the follow me and optionally create a new number to be forwarded to.

Is this possible in freepbx? I can’t find anything googling. It does exist on other PBX systems which leads me to believe that others would want this/it should have been an implemented feature.

I’m using pbxinaflash with freepbx



I may be in a location where I don’t have internet access or have users who are technically challenged.

Most of the office phone systems I have used have this feature, and I have found that, generally, freepbx has exceeded these abilities.

So, is there another way for ‘typical users’ to change/setup followme from outside the office?

BTW, I’m using whatever version of freepbx gets installed/normally updated using pbxinaflash. I’d rather not go off the road in case I have other support-type needs. If 2.11 has this feature, however, I’ll change in a heartbeat.


It’s easy enough to do with a bit of custom dialplan; you’d just have to setup a way for users to call it, and write a dialplan that would then enable or disable the followme. If you were doing it properly you’d also want to integrate authentication by requiring the user to enter their VM password in order to be allowed to turn it on or off. Not something that I just have kicking around to share though… if nobody else comes forward and offers it up for free for you (and it’s something you really want) feel free to PM me and we can discuss.

In theory you could probably also try to do it with DISA, but that would probably require some extra steps by your users…


No, but you can do it form the user panel on a smart phone. Just be careful with Security. Don’t open up all of port 80, just the ARI/User panel.

You should also be looking to get updated to the latest FreePBX, 2.11 is already in testing.