Agi editor

Agi editor
I find myself more and more often editing AGI files with VI …
needless to say how uncomfortable it is :slight_smile:

I would like an editor to accompany me with colors and other comforts, what do you recommend to work on agi script for asterisk?

I use nano which is much simpler than vi. Be careful if you are using windows editors, it’s critically important for agi files to have Unix style EOLs.

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Religious wars have been fought over Unix/Linux editors. There are those that swear by vi. There are those that swear by Emacs, and there are those that owe their allegiance to nano.

However both vim and elvis, the two editors you are most likely to end up using if you enter vi at the command line, support syntax colouring. You are not going to find the real vi on Linux, and I’d expect other clones to also support syntax colouring. It looks like the vi on the standard distribution of FreePBX is probably vim, and it also has nano.

Personally, I prefer vi type editors, but really you have to go with the editor that suits you.

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Those who like ‘nano’ will LOVE ‘micro’
Those who like vi can use vi’s key bindings (or anything else)

cd /usr/local/bin&& curl | bash

I use to do most things in nano. I now use the remote stuff with vscode. Quick things I just use vim because it is literally everywhere

We all know emacs is best

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