Agents not ringing in Queue's using IVR break out menu


This question might have been asked quite a few times and I’ve checked your forums but haven’t found any solution to this.
I have a few queues each containing static agents and using an IVR breakout menu.
I’m using:

default MOH class
ring strategy: ring all
agent timeout: 60s
retry: 1s
ivr breakout menu set
repeat frequency: 1min

90% of the time when I’m dialing in using 7777, I can reach the queue, hear the MOH and announcement connected to the IVR breakout menu but that’s it.
The phone’s don’t ring but if by any chance they do ring, it often happens that I don’t hear the IVR breakout message.

Save me please.


Oops, accidently placed an update in the log message instead of here, so gonna post it here again.
It seems that if I hit submit on one of the queue’s and then click on Apply Configuration Changes, it solves the problem.
So according to me the problem might be caused by a process starting before another process instead of being the other way around?