Agents in a queue not ringing when they become free

I’m trying to setup a queue, but have trouble with calls when agents are busy.
Ring strategy is ringall.

Extensions have call waiting disabled. When a call comes in, and an agent is occupied (others ring normally). Then this agent is free again, but is not ringing.

Max Wait Time: 1min 30s
Join empty: Yes
Agent timeout: 10s
Retry: 1s
Skip busy agents: No

Shouldn’t the extension ring after 1 sec after it gets free?

Asterisk 11.21.0

I had a similar problem where a call was transfered to another extension, and until the 3rd person was done, the original recepient stayed unavailable. Proble, fixed by setting wrapup time to 0 seconds.

You may also wish to move to Asterisk 13 to be able to use many of the bug fixes.

I m trying to configure a queue me too, but still can t understand the pbx manual. No one have an example of this configuration with two extensions