Agent timed login and logout

Hello, is there a way or a feature to setup a dynamic agent to be logged in and logged out of a queue automatically with no action from the agent?
We have agents from different countries and we’d like them to be logged in to the queue at certain time and logged out after office hours their local time.
Also, it would be nice to get an alert that an expected agent in the queue is not logged in.
Please help.

Hello, Can you set up multiple queues for these agents and have them as static members of those queues? And have the time conditions as each other’s false or failover destination?

So for example, inbound calls comes in and goes to the time condition for the United States (8am-5pm), if true then it goes to the queue for the united states (with static agents), if false then it goes to the 2nd country time condition (5:01pm - 2am). If true, it goes to the queue with the second country’s agents (static agents), if false then it goes to the 3rd country time condition (2:01am to 7:59am). If true then the 3rd country agents queue and if false then back to the United States time condition.

Thanks a lot Tanvir!
Will try that