Agent Realtime Data Reporting

Posting this here as FreePBX support for a paid module (queue wallboard) was a total bust (didn’t even try to help,).

Asterisk: 16.13.0
Queues: 15.0.33
Queue Wallboard:

  • We’ve built several queues and several dynamic agents (extensions).
  • The queues and agents work as expected.
  • Asterisk Info>queues shows agent and queue information accurately.
  • The historical reporting for queues and agents work in both qwallboard and Asternic.
  • The realtime queue data (calls in queue, wait time ,etc.) works in both qwallboard and Asternic.
  • The realtime agent data does not show/work in either qwallboard and Asternic.

The agents show up in the real-time list as Unavailable (not logged in) and continue to show in that state no matter what. If they log in, open, pause, etc. No matter what they just show unavailable. The exact same data is missing in both queue wallboards and Asternic, so I am thinking this is an underline system/log issue, but have not made any progress.

Asternic support is limited and very surprisingly, even though we just purchased the module and opened a ticket, Sangoma wouldn’t even try to look to see what the issue was. Given that, I wanted to ask the question on here to see if anyone had any ideas. Thanks in advance for any insights!

I have no experience with qwallboard, but for Asternic Call Queue Stats you need to setup the asterisk manager in order for realtime to work. Take a look at the Administrator Guide here.

Thanks for the link. This has already been completed and realtime queue stats are showing correctly, just the realtime agent data is missing.

My guess is the issue is deeper, where both Sangoma Queue Wallboard and Asternic reference the agent realtime data, since both applications are failing the same way (not showing the agent realtime data).

From the asterisk console, run:

queue show 


queue show xxx

where x’s are the queue number. It’s probably coming directly from Asterisk

Thanks @lgaetz. I ran these commands and Asterisk is returning the expected results (shows correctly, signed in, paused, open, on call, etc.). I would expect this as the Resorting>Asterisk Info>queues shows the correct status for all agents. It seems like its something in the FreePBX layer that might be the issue?

I don’t see how anything that freepbx is doing would influence asternic reports. Their data comes from Asterisk.

Using the queue show command I have confirmed the data coming out of Asterisk looks good, its only when it is “transformed” and displayed via the Queue Wallboard module do I run into the issue (no agent real time data). I knew it was a long shot here, since I do not seem many queue wallboard posts, but I do appreciate the extra brain power.

The point @lgaetz was making is that if both of these tools are wrong, then the fault is not some mysterious “FreePBX layer” because Asternic does not use any FreePBX tooling to get it’s data.

What is “Real Time Agent data” supposed to mean? I do not have access to a system with Queue pro or reporting modules handy to look at what you are talking about.

Real time agent data is: agent status (unavailable, available, paused, on call), how long they have been talking, what queue the call they are on is from, etc.

My point was Asterisk seems to be tracking correctly if I use the queue show Asterisk CLI command or if I look under Reports>Asterisk Info>queues from the GUI. I see the correct state information for the agents. It is only when the tool (wallboard module) represents the data that there is a discrepancy (queue wallboard shows no one logged in even though there are agents signed in and taking calls). I am only mentioning FreePBX, because that is where the break is being expressed.

All that being said, I do not know how wallboard works from the backend, only that it is not working. Happy to try any ideas anyone has.

Are you perhaps using IE?

Chrome 90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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