Agent Logon / Logoff issue because of from-internal context

I have an issue with using the 700* and 700** agent login and logoff function.

When a queue user logs on to our queue (in this case Queue 700) everything works fine. The user is logged into that queue as an available agent.

The CLI when a user logs in looks like this:

– Executing [[email protected]:11] AddQueueMember(“SIP/111-b7dd0d70”, “700,Local/[email protected]/n”) in new stack

– Executing [[email protected]:12] UserEvent(“SIP/111-b7dd0d70”, “Agentlogin,Agent: 111”) in new stack

– Executing [[email protected]:13] Wait(“SIP/111-b7dd0d70”, “1”) in new stack

– Executing [[email protected]:14] Playback(“SIP/111-b7dd0d70”, “agent-loginok&with&extension”) in new stack

– <SIP/111-b7dd0d70> Playing ‘agent-loginok.gsm’ (language ‘en’)

The problem is when the user tries to log off. When the user tries to log off the queue using the 700** command, it will not log them off.

Here is the CLI of a user logging off:

– Executing [[email protected]:4] GotoIf(“SIP/111-b7dcf370”, “0?a5:a7”) in new stack

– Goto (macro-agent-del,s,8)

– Executing [[email protected]:8] RemoveQueueMember(“SIP/111-b7dcf370”, “700,Local/[email protected]/n”) in new stack

– Executing [[email protected]:9] UserEvent(“SIP/111-b7dcf370”, “RefreshQueue”) in new stack

– Executing [[email protected]:10] Wait(“SIP/111-b7dcf370”, “1”) in new stack

– Executing [[email protected]:11] Playback(“SIP/111-b7dcf370”, “agent-loggedoff”) in new stack

– <SIP/111-b7dcf370> Playing ‘agent-loggedoff.gsm’ (language ‘en’)

The QUEUE SHOW 700 command shows the following:


  Local/[email protected]/n (Local/[email protected]) (dynamic) (Not in use)

If i type the command QUEUE REMOVE MEMBER Local/[email protected] from 700 it does remove me from the queue.

However if I type the command QUEUE REMOVE MEMBER Local/[email protected]/n from 700 it tells me that Local/[email protected]/n is not there.

I think the logon / logoff script is adding the /n when it tries to logoff the user and fails.

Since the user thinks they are logged off (the system played the logoff successful prompt) they go home and when they login the next day there are now two identical agents logged into that queue.

So now to the question: (sorry for the lengthy post)

Is there a way to shorten the context to something other than from-internal? I think if I could shorten it to something like SIP that it would work when they are logging on and off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as my work around is to have the last person out login to the CLI and make sure each person is logged out manually. Its causing us and our customers great pain.

Thanks in advance,