Agent in queue after call

we have a type of callcenter queue, where different agents are logged in.
After the call, the agents have to document the calls. So they should not be reachable by the queue. The time which they need for documentation is really different, so a fix pause time is not the way we can go. I’d like to put the agents to “pause” or another status till they switch themselce back to idle with the help of a webinterface.
Has anybody an idea how to realize that? I need some kind of event after the call ends.

Thanks for your help,


I’d like to customize the hangup-macro for getting that working.
Can I do that only by using the freepbx-overwrite conf file?
Or is there also another way? The include seems not working!


you’ll probably have to do something custom here.

A post answer maro/sub-routine or AGi script that automatically pauses the member upon answering the call, in conjunction with the dialplan for a feature code that let’s them toggle between being paused and not.

It’s a good idea and you are welcome to add a feature request for 2.10 (the pause/un-pause feature code request is already in there), not an auto-pause upon answer.

If you want to help accelerate a solution, you may want to contact the paid support team and see if they may be able to help you, or alternatively do the development yourself and submit it as a basis to eventually add.

One way or another it’s going to take some initial development to do the auto-pausing upon the agent taking the call…

thanks for your answer.
sounds good, but I’m looking for a solution with which the agents are automatically paused after every call.


Asterisk would need to know how long to pause the agent before getting another call. How can it know that automatically since pause times vary due to documentation?

the agents can set theirselves to ‘idle’ again , that is ok for me!
automation is only important for setting them to ‘pause’ after the call.

One way would be to set up a button on the phone to log into and out of the que. All of your people would be set up as dynamic agents. Pressing the button would log them into the que and light up the associated busy lamp, pressing it again would log them out of the que and turn off the lamp.