Again on long-time reload

Two Pbx, both, both yum-updated, both modules updated, different locations.
About 10 extensions and one sip trunk.
The remote one , running on intel i5 8G ram , takes almost nothing to reload:

Reload Started
Reload Complete

real 0m1.839s
user 0m1.324s
sys 0m0.397s

My home one running on a quad core 8G ram virtual machine, takes about half a minute:

Reload Started
Reload Complete

real 0m27.993s
user 0m18.337s
sys 0m9.898s

dns and hostname are ok
no difference in disabling module signature checking
running “top” the most consuming processes are php and node

How to dig into problem ??

Sorry for “up”
No one experience this ? What’s causing this ?

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