Again no NIC detected

Trying to install latest distro into newer Intel NUC BNUC11TNHI30002 with i-225LM NIC

Like in my previous install :

NIC is still not detected by installer !

Is there something I can do to make NIC detected by installer, rather that workaround used in previous installation ?
Someone can explain this behavior (i.e. NIC simply not supported by sangoma distro) ??

NUCs have always had a bad history of working with Red Hat and its derived OSes. It has always revolved around the NUCs using hardware that require drivers Red Hat doesn’t have. I will say that in the past for NUC OS support I’ve seen flavors of Windows and Ubuntu (no versions usually). This particular model shows Red Hat Linux and Ubuntu 20.04 which makes me question, which Red Hat Linux? If it is specifying Ubuntu 20.04 then it makes me believe that installing 18.04 will have issues.

So what about Red Hat? I’m going to guess that it is RHL 8.x as RHL 7.x is officially done. RHL 7.x is current in a phase where nothing is being touched on it unless it really, really needs a security fix. It’s a done OS and since the distro is based on RHL 7.x I doubt this will get far. The OS does not have the driver support for more current hardware and never will.

Well, despite NIC issue, I found NUCs working perfectly as PBX
I’m double-checking latest freepbx installation now, it seems NIC is somewhat detected, as once logged-in (console), freepbx shows both eth0 and wlan1 but without any ip address.
ifconfig on the other side shows only lo0 and wlan1.
No need for kmod-e1000e driver installation.
No e1000e installed (lsmod) : what driver sangoma os is using ??

I can bring eth0 up with ifconfig .
I’m going to configure a non exixstent /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 to see what happens at next boot…

No one said they didn’t.

Well, actually installing distro on NUC , it starts without network.
Editing (adding) /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 and reboot does the trick !

Just for information, how can one know the actual driver NIC is using ?

given it having been installed,

inxi -N

gives a quite succinct view.

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