After upgrading to 13, unable to set secret in an extension

I noticed that my extension was trigging a fail-to-ban. Looking closer i saw that in the extensions module my extension was listed but the secret has been cleared. Same in the EPM config file. So i deleted my extension and tried to recreate it but was getting an error message when submitting, a popup dialog box stating “symlink(): File exists” The extension appeared to be created anyway but if i went back to the extension to look at the settings the secret was gone again. If i tried to create an extension that never existed before those seamed to work. I deleted and recreated an old extension that that appeared to work.
My extension was previously associated with the FreePBX user directory. after upgrading i switched it to AD user manager and linked my extension to the new account. I was going to do the same for all our other users but wanted to work out the bugs before doing that on a mass scale.
I switched back to the FreePBX user directory and removed the user from there, switched back to AD, then tried to recreate the extension but the same results.
using can_sip only
Tested using the Quick Create Extension, went through the menu’s and got the same “symlinnk():File exist” error but this time the extension was not created.

looks like after i deleted at some point it didn’t clear from voicemail.conf. I removed the entry from there… recreated the extension and now the secret stuck.

Still having trouble getting this to work right. Deleted the extension, deleted the extension in EPM, deleted the reference in voicemail.conf. I’m able to create the extension now, connect it to epm, and apply. i’m able to enable voicemail from the applications page and apply that but when i browse back to the voicemail tab the voicemail is turned off but the voicemail.conf file is repopulated. if i try and re-enable voicemail i get the symlink() file exist error and the secret is removed from the extension.