After upgrade, Parking/Parking Pro not functioning as expected

We had FreePBX 2.11, and Asterisk 11.20

We had one parking lot setup with an extension key to press to automatically put a call in the parking lot, and some other keys with BLF to know which parking lot had calls in it. Upon parking a call, an announcement would be heard stating which parking lot the call would be placed in, and the corresponding light next to the BLF would turn red for the filled parking lot.

Needing more parking lots, we upgraded to FreePBX 13, and to Asterisk 13.19.1, purchased the Parking Pro license, installed, then added the extra Parking lot.

Now, the parking lot is acting differently. When the Park key is pressed, the only things which happens is, the light for the Park button turns red, the call is transferred to the parking lot, and call put on hold there.
Nothing else, no more announcement, and no more red BLF light for each parking lot filled.

Even doing a direct transfer, rather than Park Call button, the result is the same.

Looking at hints, I can see this while there is no parked call:

70@park-hints : park:71@parkedcalls& State:Idle Presence:not_set Watchers 11

With a single parked call:

70@park-hints : park:71@parkedcalls& State:InUse Presence:not_set Watchers 11

What is going on here?


You may wish to open a support ticket at

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I sure will. Thanks, james

That’s correct. I see no issue there.

Yeah, I thought so, which remains the question of why BLF stopped functioning.

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