After upgrade from working 2.7 to no audio

After running the upgrade which seemed to go without errors, when using a softphone I no longer have in/out audio. I turned off IPTABLES because after the upgrade I couldn’t even web interface to the box which had been no problem prior to the upgrade. Right now for testing purposes I have the box in the DMZ and it’s the only thing on router so while I understand the security risks, I’m not worried about it for this very moment.

After turning off IPTABLES, I can web interface into the box, the phones register, I can dial an extension number or *98, the pbx seemingly answers but I don’t get any prompt ie., “commedian mail” or “enter password” …, I can see in statistics that the phones are online, but I don’t hear anything. I can call in from outside using the PSTN, the pbx answers but I don’t hear any audio in either direction.

This was all working in 2.7. Can someone point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this? Thanks

Did you install SIP Settings during the process and then not open the module and do the network config bit ?