After Upgrade from to 1.8.5 Asterisk ended with exit 139

Can Somebody tell me how i can upgrade my Asterisk to 1.8.5

I have installed Freepbx
Installed Dahdi 2.5.0
installed libpri
But when i upgrade to asterisk 1.8.5 (no errors) and restart amportal it tries to start it but will give me the following messages

asterisk ended with exit 139
Asterisk exited on signal 11

and restart to connect again and fails.

I revert to for the time being but would like to upgrade 1.8.5

What goes wrong, anybody can help me ?

Just curious, did you try rebooting after the 1.8.5 install? I know some folks think you shouldn’t ever need to reboot Linux but personally I have found that sometimes that’s the easiest fix for strange problems that occur immediately following an upgrade.

Yes, after i Restarted the server with “Sudo amportal restart”, i found out that the version number did not change, so i rebooted the server to make sure it has the correct version.

Than i notced that in the freepbx the asterisk was in error.
I stopped the server and restarted it again by using the amportal stop / restart commands, than i saw the error exit 139 messages turning up.

So i cant figure out what can cause this problem.