After upgrade, freepbx to be manually startedin


During the upgrade the ssh session cut and I add to manually fix it:

  • fwconsole ma upgradeall
  • fwconsole shown
  • fwconsole start

freepbx seems working correctly but it’s not starting after a reboot : “fwconsole start” at cli is needed.

How to fix it ?

Nb: any possibility to check the upgrade end result ?

Thanks for your advice

Hi @AndreL Upgrade means Freepbx upgrade from one version to another like 15 to 16, yes then logs would be in /var/log/pbx/.

If module update in Freepbx then check the output of “fwconsole ma listonline” or GUI → updates to see if there is any module still left to update.


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