*After Upgrade* - BLANK Page

I upgraded the following modules. The upgrade process produced no errors and was flowing as any other previous successfull upgrade would. After processing the upgrade, I pressed RETURN and never saw another screen after that. FreePBX is now just one big blank screen. Any ideas?

UPDATE NOTICE: There are 31 modules available for online upgrades
miscdests (current:
customappsreg (current:
cidlookup (current:
miscapps (current:
framework (current:
daynight (current:
asterisk-cli 2.4.1 (current: 2.4.0)
parking (current:
vmblast (current:
ivr 2.5.17 (current:
findmefollow (current:
pinsets (current: 2.4.0)
dashboard (current:
inventorydb (current: 2.4.0)
recordings (current:
disa (current:
queues (current:
timeconditions (current:
backup (current: 2.4.1)
asteriskinfo (current: 2.4.0)
announcement (current:
phonebook (current: 2.4.0)
logfiles 2.4.1 (current: 2.4.0)
music (current:
callback (current:
ringgroups (current:
blacklist (current: 2.4.0)
featurecodeadmin (current:
core (current:
paging (current:
conferences (current:

You need to state if this is a Asterisk (Freepbx) from baremetal or some ISO like trixbox, if Trixbox what version
TB has screwed up the Freepbx so you can only use what put in the repo

check you memory_limit for one, check your session directory permissions for another.

Thanks Guys for your responses.

memory_limit = 100mb.
Session Permissions = ok.
Build = pbx in a flash.

Still blank pages

I ran into the same issue. My issue it seems was that somehow the PEAR:DB module was damaged during a Centos update and the DB.php file could not be found.

I discovered it by changing the display_errors tag in the /etc/php.ini to On. When I reloaded the freePBX admin page I saw the php errors.

My fix was to install the PEAR::DB package via command line and all was well again.

Hope this helps.