After updating Trixbox, Asterisk is not accessing CDR from MySQL

I don’t know if this is FreePBX related issue or not, but after recent update of my Trixbox, I can’t see my CDR in Reports panel or ARI module. It started recording new calls in master.csv after the update but the old CDR which was stored in MySQL became unaccessible.

What I need is to store the master.csv data to the original MySQL CDR so it is properly updated and make FreePBX show CDR from MySQL, as it is supposed to and was doing before the update.

Please help me if someone can. I know there are other posts on this same issue in trixbox forum, but no solution yet.

Also if somebody can guide where to fix it in the code, that will be a great help. I may be able to fix it myself and let others know how to fix it.

Hmm - sure sounds like Trixbox broke you again. They sure have a history of that. You would think in their position they would eventually get it figured out.

Sounds to me like they may have messed up the Asterisk install. Check asterisk-addons and make sure it is being built as part of Asterisk and make sure it is compiled to include the uniqueid. Then, make sure cdr_mysql.conf is properly configured. And at the CLI do a ‘show modules like mysql’ to see that you have all three sql related modules loaded.

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