After Updating Modules/firmware and Phone Firmware - Bad Provisioning Files

Roughly 2/3 of the phones are not checking into the phone system and registering after running all updates and Firmware updates. After logging into the phone I can see that its not provisioning correctly. We use all Sangoma S700 phones. Last night we updated the server, rebooted the server, and then downloaded/changed the firmware to the latest firmware for the phones and pushed them out. I have confirmed all phones firmware has updated however phones aren’t provisioning correctly. So far:

  • Rebuilt the provision files by deleting the old ones and making new ones.
  • Changed from TFTP provision to HTTP Provision
  • Created a whole new template and applied it to a phone.
  • If you login to the phone and go to Account -> Basic: you can see that the Primary SIP Server is set to:
    Its not set to the proper as it should be. I have factory reset the phones many times between each re-provision.

If you look at the provision file this is what you see:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<hl_provision version="1">
<config version="1">


There is a lot more in the file however you can see the server is not showing, however what i have normally experienced in the past is the ports will not populate for the XML API’s, in this case it looks like they are. Any Ideas. I am lost. I placed a support ticket already but I have yet to hear back and they are down.

You had to resubmit the extensions in the modules to correct this then update the provision files.

Can you please explain? Thanks

Had the same issue happen to me (phones weren’t connecting and didn’t have the port and had TLS (2) for the transport). I pulled a Bulk Export of my extensions, and found that the ones that weren’t working had different settings. I only had about 70 extensions, so I just went through the ones that were wrong and did the following:

  1. Opened the extension via Extensions module
  2. Clicked Submit (I didn’t make any changes)
  3. Click Apply config

At that point, the config file was rebuilt and was correct. I had 4 that I had to rebuild the config in Endpoint Manager and then update the extension (or make a change and then undo the change), before the config would update.

Might see of Lorne Gaetz could take a look at it, as he took a look at my system, but this was after I rebuilt all the extensions.

Seemed to happen after I updated all the modules and then had Endpoint Manager rebuild the configs (they all showed they needed to update).


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