After updating FreePBX there were warnings in the console at outgoing calls

After updating FreePBX to version, I began to observe the following warnings in the console during an outgoing call through the SIP trunk:

Executing [s@macro-outbound-callerid:23] ExecIf(“SIP/1234-000008b8”, “1?Set(CALLERID(all)=4952222222)”) in new stack
[2019-10-25 09:53:24] WARNING[5658][C-000003e8]: ast_expr2.fl:470 ast_yyerror: ast_yyerror(): syntax error: syntax error, unexpected ‘=’, expecting $end; Input:
= 1 & 10 = 0

At the same time, calls are going fine, but still I would like to get rid of these warnings in the console.

Tell me how to fix it?

Known issue:

Upgrade core with

fwconsole ma upgrade core --edge

fwconsole ma upgrade core --edge
Edge repository temporarily enabled
No repos specified, using: [standard,extended] from last GUI settings

Downloading module ‘core’
Processing core
1113866/1113866 [============================] 100%
Finished downloading
Download completed in 20 seconds
Updating tables trunks, pjsip, sip, dahdi, iax, indications_zonelist, devices, users, incoming, outbound_routes, dahdichandids, outbound_route_patterns, outbound_route_sequence, outbound_route_trunks, outbound_routes, trunk_dialpatterns…Завершено
Migrating pickup groups to named pickup groups
Migrating call groups to named call groups
Checking for possibly invalid emergency caller id fields…none found
Migrating old media encryption values…готово
Removing encoding on incoming routes alertinfo values…готово
Генерируется CSS…Завершено
Module core version successfully installed
Шаги по обновлению…Завершено
Шаги по обновлению…Завершено
Resetting temporarily repository state

Looks like core update it. But in GUI FreePBX still… what else need to apply update core ?

Close topic plz, all it done. no warrning messages any more. Thx lgaetz for the help!

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