After Restore, Sangoma Connect Clients won't connect anymore

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Alright, I already opened a case about it (986774) but I don’t think Hugo understands the problem - and maybe it is just not possible, but it seems like it should work - Here is the sequence of events that I am doing over and over again - most of the machines I have moved have only had 2-3 Connect clients on them, so it was not terrible to have to re-deploy them, but the machines I have left to move have a LOT of SC clients and it would be a huge waste of time (and annoy the clients) to have to re-deploy them.

  1. Back Up machine with Working Connect Clients.
  2. De-Activate old Machine and Activate New Machine.
  3. Restore Backup from Old Machine to New

There are no errors thrown during the Backup or the Restore having anything to do with SC or Zulu - it “looks” like it worked fine, but the SC clients won’t re-connect to the new instance until they are re-invited.

I control all the DNS for my machines - and all the Clients (and setup for that matter) is set to the friendly name - so when I back the machine up and de-activate it, I switch the friendly name over to the new install, and it “becomes” the old machine - all the phones swing over automatically. This part is working perfectly.

Am I just doomed to have to re-initialize and re-install SC for every move?

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Hey - I finally figured out how to fix this - here is the trick in case anyone else runs into it.

Once you have restored, you will have the extensions defined in Sangoma Connect, but their app’s will not register - go into User Management and under the Connect Tab, turn them off - do not submit - and then turn them back on and THEN submit.

This puts the special “bits” back and the App will once again register - you really shouldn’t have to do this, but whatever - this is the fix!


So it will show already on - turn it off - do not submit - and then turn it back on and THEN submit and like magic, the App will register and work again!

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Screenshots of buttons with no labels are not the most helpful later.

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Screenshots are the key to happiness!

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Except no one known WTF button you want to toggle? Screnshots 1 & 3 have 4 buttons, while 2 has 3 buttons. None of them have visible labels.

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The images are what shows in User Management under the Sangoma Connect Tab when you turn it off and back on again.

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See - Screenshots are awesome!

I was just trying to not have too big a screenshot, but I agree - yours is better!

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