After pick up a parked call, no option for on hold


We just recently installed Freepbx and everything running great, however I have on thing left on the list.
After we pick up a parked call, we do not have the option to put it on hold. Is there any way to do that?
We have cisco SPA 508G phones.
PBX Firmware: 2.210.62-6
PBX Service Pack:

Thank you!

Your phone should still let you put it on hold. The option should be there. This would be a limitation of your phone if anything

I think the button right above the volume control with the little hand on it is the hold button. The little hand is the universal symbol for “HOLD”.

Thank you so much!!
I was looking for a “hold” option on the LCD screen, but the “little hand” button worked great!

Thanks again!