After making queue , the phones register alot of missed calls!

hii , i made a queue , but there is a problem ,

when the caller ring my static agents , if some one reply it get the call.

but on the other phones , there are missed calls !

can any one help in solving this issue ?


for more explanation, from my cri ,

note that my queue has 4 members , but as you see it ring my 4 numbers

as you see, on number reply the message and then threee missed calls exist on the other phones and on the my logg.

Without knowing what brand and model of phone you have it is difficult to help.

I deploy a lot of Polycom sets. This also happens on the Polycoms. The problem is that the phones are not aware of the status of other phones so in a situation where multiple phones in a queue or a ring group are set to ring the phone that answers has no way of telling the other phones that are ringing that the call was answered and not missed.

The latest Polycom firmware has a feature that solves this problem. This feature lets the phone that answers the call to inform Asterisk that the call was answered and Asterisk in turn tells the other phones that the call was answered so they do not count it as a missed call. For this to work Asterisk has to also support this feature and I am not sure if 1.8 supports this feature yet.

On the Polycom sets I can disable the counter for missed calls but that is a global setting per phone so calls that are really missed are not counted.

im currently using grandstream and yeahlink phones and softphones.

but i would like to say that when i was using ringgroups , no missed calls exist and i my opinion ringgroups and queue work as the same method , so why no missed calls in ringgroups but the missed calls in queues???

" i mean i may have to do something in pbx …is that right ??? "

my question is , is this elastix issue ? or it is phone issue ?

i upgraded my phones for the last fimrware.
if you need more details , im ready.
thanks alot


Queue work like so:

a caller that was route to a queue will hear the MOH (untill some agents will answer him or he will reach the timeout.)

in the meantime “the queue” will ring at the registerd agents according to your queue Ring Strategy.

each agent that will reject\ignor the call will result a missed call.
and then the queue will ring again…

The Missed call is a list of of calls that were missed on that particular phone. If you have a queue or a ring group with phones A, B, and C, they all ring on an incoming call. If “A” is answered, the call is “missed” on B and C. This is a phone level “feature”. Phones B and C really have no way of knowing if the calls were answered on A or the caller hung up.

This is really no different from the way a POTS line with 2 or more phones behave. You’ll still see a missed call on every phone that was not answered. All the “missed call” means is that the call was not answered on that particular phone.

In short, don’t think there is anything you can do about this, although Grandstream does allow you to turn off all missed call notifications.


sorry to ask it again ,

why when i was using ringgroups , there were no missed calls on the other phones ??
another thing , if it was a phone issue , why the missed calls are also registered on elastix ?

in the end , is there a solution for this problem??

i would like to say that i dont care about missed calls which occured m because i configured if no one answer , the call will be transferred to congestion channel and i will only count the congestion channels to determine the missed calls.

i mean that it is naughty thing to be alot of missed calls on the phone employer !!!

are thereany advices or recommendations to solve my problem.

im very sorry cause i asked alot of things

thanks alot