After last week's update, AGI crashing

We are completely down.
Every call that involves AGI crashes. The last log entry is either dialparties.agi or superfecta.agi on incoming calls.

The calls are stuck, channel hangup doesn’t work. fwconsole stop doesn’t work. I have to kill the asterisk process and restart.

I tried going to module admin and doing a force reload of Core and freepbx modules, rebooted. We are still down. Anything that does not involve AGI still works.

FreePBX and asterisk 15.7.2.
Any suggestions?

You need to post logs of what you think is crashing. Just saying it’s crashes helps no one.

The full log just shows normal traffic up until superfecta.agi, then it stops.
There is nothing after it.
I can post that if you like, but I don’t see any value.

What is output of:

fwconsole setting --list | grep FASTAGI

Turn on AGI debug in asterisk console with:

 agi set debug on

Do a test and see if there are any clues with AGI debug enabled.

Thanks, I will do that.
Right now I just did a yum reinstall asterisk15* and I am retesting…

Use either 13 or 16. Don’t use 15.

Andrew, 15 is what was installed by the FreePBX distro. I should force it to change? How?

To be fair, the Distro supports multiple versions of Asterisk and would have asked you which one to choose.

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I will be upgrading to 16 tonight.

Update: since I did the yum reinstall, I cannot get it to fail. Seems to be working.
Thanks everyone for your quick help.

I have a question about FreePBX and Asterisk 16.
I hesitated before to update to 16 because “macros” are depreciated. The FreePBX dialplan is full of macro calls.

How is this issue handled?

We install and build app_macro.

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