After last updates all extensions can't call each other

I submitted an issue about creating and editing extensions in Extension module

Now I think there’s some related problems with that.

  1. Registered devices cannot call each other, only service extensions (parking lot etc) and feature commands.
    Extension cannot be called from queue.

  2. When deleting and recreating extension corresponded to a user, with voicemail and follow-me activated, then ‘wrong password’ error is yielded in the asterisk logs.
    Deleting and recreating the extension without voicemail and follow-me activated solves authentication problem (by the word, voicemail ramains activated, despite the Quick Extension Create option submitted).

Freepbx 13 is beta. If you want something stable use 12.

Side note. I can call extensions in 13 with no issues. I have none of the issues you detail. With over 950 active freepbx 13 issues I would think if you couldn’t call extension to extension we would have heard about it extensively

I just want to help fix all the bugs to move forward from beta to stable. Now I am on 12, but 13 is saved as a snapshot on my virtual machine, so I can return to it or test any time.

Thats great you want to help fix bugs but you started this topic under “FreePBX” not “Beta Program Issues”

There is always a BUT from you :slight_smile: Have a nice day!