After fresh installation on Centos 4

after a fresh installation of Freepbx

1- How can i make Freepbx send voicemail to Email. (the Linux mail configuration steps)

2- How can i operate Fax machine and How it will be able to send the FAX to email.

3- Is there any software application i can run to monitor live the calls and to see precise reports of the recorded calls, queue, time conditions and all the details that are necessary for the Call Center.


I would recommend that you do a re-install using the latest CentOS 5.x instead. CentOS 4 will be around for a while but it’s already been replaced with newer stuff so it’s a bad place to start.

Yes all of what you are asking is possible. Search the web for some of the manuals/guides as there are MANY covering these topics.

trixbox for dummies, trixbox without tears, PBX in a flash has several manuals also, see Since all of these products use the same FreePBX web interface the directions are going to work even though you don’t possibly have them installed.

I would recommend spending a few hours reading as it will fill you in all around and answer the other 100 questions that are floating around that you have not fully formed into questions yet either.