After Deleting Time Group The Numbering Sequence Does Not Reset On FreePBX Web Interface

Hello Everyone and thank you to all who have helped me in the past!

I had to delete all of my Time Groups on FreePBX For some reason the area in the top right corner (the one that lists all of your Time Groups) did not restart the numbering sequence, it just picked up where I left off as I create new Time Groups. I’m assuming this is a database that needs reset or deleted?

That number is simply an auto-incrementing unique index. It will not reset which is normal for database design.

There is no need to do anything.

Ok, thank you!

Hello, sorry for the late reply buy I have been out of the country. Thank you for the info but is it possible to reset the auto-increment index? Again, thank you for the help!

If you delete all your groups then I suspect you can go into MySQL directly and reset it, I don’t know off hand what command that would be.

An easy option would be to uninstall and re-install the module, which will drop and then re-create the table, but you only want to do that once all your time conditions / groups have been removed.