After configured a second iax2 trunk, the first one stop working

Hello, I have configured a iax2 trunk between a dockerized version of freepbx 13 and a remote elastix.
Iax2 is registered and all is working fine. When they call the iax2 extension I am registred with, the phone here rings and we can talk.
Now I have configured another trunk w/ another elastix of another company and this second one is woriking well.
But I can’t receive any call on the first one. Either trunks are on 4569 port, and the call on first one is authenticated on second trunk and fails, oddly.
I haven’t configured any particular inbound route, only one declaring that any/any goes to the only extension attached to my notebook

Do you have two IAX2 trunks, or do you have an IAX2 extension and an IAX2 trunk?

I hve 2 iax2 trunks

From your screenshot iax2-fbs is set as disabled is that what you want if not open the config for that trunk and set it as enabled ??

Just for the reason I have explained (not too much, I see)
If trunk iax2-fbs is enabled, I can’t call 308, iax2-cost
I need 308 more than 999, so I disable 999.