After a Kernel change loosing trunk registration

Hi guys,
I’ve made some upgrades to my server running Freepbx 2.51 and Asterisk 1.4.

This is what I’ve done:
Kernel upgrade to
Installed vpn

Now I got the trunks always loosing connection. Is not a firewall problem because I’ve stopped the firewall and the problem persist. I’ve notice a strange thing also, even peers are falling when talking. Another strange thing is that when I make a change in the configuration and then apply changes and reload I get ALWAYS 0 trunks registered. Could be a amportal problem due to the kernel change?
Before the kernel change command where for example: asterisk -r now they’re /usr/sbin/asterisk -r. Could this be a problem too?



any help?

Solved! It was a Kernel problem I got back to and all works fine


If you are in a rush and want support now, that’s what paid support is for.

I’m guessing that when you upgraded the kernel you upgraded to one that does not have something installed that asterisk needs to work. but due to the lack of details (like the kernel config for both versions) it’s hard to say what it could be or offer any “free” help.

I know you’re right. anyway I coudln’t find a how to to what Asterisk need when compiling a Kernel. There’s something that can tell which modules does Asterisk needs?

I’m sure it’s documented in the asterisk source code README.

I couldn’t find it in that file are you sure?
I’m not sure anyway it’s a kernel problem I keep having peers /trunks losing registration.

Shorewall ports opened:
UDP 5060:5061
RTP ports

any idea?