After 15 upgrade cannot upgrade endpoint manager 13.0.71

I’m confused . . . I have upgraded from 14 to 15 and now FreePBX is insisting that ‘endpoint manger’ needs to be upgraded. Any attempt to upgrade fails. An attempt to uninstall EM suggests that ‘Restapps’ module needs to be disabled and it is disabled, according to dashboard but, no love! Will not uninstall.

I have run “fwconsole ma refreshsignatures”. And treid again . . . no love.

I think (could be wrong) that I need to uninstall and reinstall endpoint manager 13.0.71?

Not sure how to proceed?

You didn’t renew your annual maintenance fee, so it cannot update EPM

@PitzKey it should still upgrade regardless of any licensing? It’s free for Sangoma and Digium endpoints so it should be up to date.

If you ever bought a license it will stop the updates even if you use Sangoma products

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At some point in the past I may have bought ‘endpoint manager’ but as I do not add endpoints often enough, I may have decided to not buy the upgrade. Well, at least I think this is the case, as I do not remember having bought EM in the past. (Does not mean I did not buy it, though.)

In my situation, what do I do to correct this? I am not allowed to uninstall, either?



Current endpoint edge version for 15 is 15.24.1.

No need to guess, login to the portal and look at the licensing for your deployment. If you have a purchased EPM license, you will need to renew.

Well, my account history shows that on 2015-07-11, I purchased a 25 year license for EM.

I am struggling to locate how to purchase an update.The store only offers one year and 25 year licenses. I already own a 25 year.

I would prefer to uninstall this module as I do not need it. But, if I have too, I might purchase an upgrade? Suggestions on how to do either??

I provided the exactly link above on how to do this.

Then remove it. Any other modules that require it as a dependency will also need to be uninstalled/disabled.

I have located and purchased an upgrade.
I have refreshed the signatures.
I have attempted to upgrade.

Still failing with:
Unable to install module restapps:

  • EndPoint Manager module version or higher is required, you have 13.0.71

Cannot locate a “restapps” module. Found a “Rest API” module that is complaining that it is unable to install because I have EM 13.0.71. Are these one in the same?

I will be submitting a support ticket in a few minutes. Thanks for your help.

From the system console, try these:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall restapps --force
fwconsole ma downloadinstall endpoint --force

Let us know what that does.

THANK YOU Dave Burgess!

I “force installed” the ‘restapps’ module. That corrected that.
When I “force installed” the ‘epm’ module it failed but, through the GUI >> Admin >> Module Admin I could download and reinstall epm from there and it installed.

Everything appears to be functioning properly.

Again thank you!!

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epm is not a module. endpoint is.

Corrected my post to avoid others seeing this and having to read the rest of the thread.

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