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Looking for advice on sizing an instance in the cloud. I have built on VMWare, imported to EC2, running on t2.small. So far things are ok, have had a few phone calls and seems like performance is stable. Would this be something that could support 5 concurrent calls? Trying to build out a cloud instance that will support an office of 5-10 employees. We are currently on prem.
Has anyone built a playbook for AWS + FreePBX and sizing?

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IIRC the issue with AWS is that you can’t load the distro iso, search on the community for “AWS” you’ll have plenty results from people who tried or currently have a system on AWS.

The CPU resources required per call can vary by more than an order of magnitude, depending on whether you are transcoding, listening for in-call DTMF, recording, using software jitter buffer, etc. Transcoding is by far the biggest hog; going to/from OPUS is worst; G.729 also needs considerable horsepower.

If you are not doing any of the above, a t2.small could handle ~20 simultaneous calls. I recommend that you make some CPU usage measurements under a test load representing your application. Also, do some careful listening to confirm that you don’t have packet loss or jitter issues. For example, call from one extension to another (in another room) by calling your own DID via an outgoing trunk. (This is of course two calls.) Have a smartphone or other music source play into one extension and listen carefully on the other for gaps or other disturbance. If your test setup doesn’t have enough devices, use softphones or smartphone SIP apps to make additional calls. A ‘milliwatt’ test number such as +1 415 421 0020 will play a loud tone for 9 seconds of each 10 and will stay up for at least an hour (if the PBX behaves properly).

Thanks everyone for the information. I have began building in vultr - have read a lot of good things and so far it is looking very good.

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