Advice Needed: 200+ Extensions, 5 International Locations

Hello Everyone!

I have to write up a proposal for a phone system, and I obviously want to use FreePBX and Asterisk.

My question is this, I know and understand that there is no plan to use Asterisk Realtime with the FreePBX project currently, however, what would be the best way to handle a corporation that intends on having

  • 200+ extensions per location
  • Each location is in a different country

I was thinking about having a Dell server with at least 4GB of ram and some sort of RAID mirroring in each location, handling the required extensions, then having a trunk linking each location to one another, allowing for extension to extension (local) calling. Also, I wanted to put a VPN up as well for security purposes.

Any thoughts, input, suggestions etc.? I would really appreciate it and I really want to dig my hands into something of this scope!

Thanks once again!

I don’t think anyone could help you with that limited data. I always suggest partnering with an experienced integrator when you have a deal that is beyond your reach.

I agree. It’s a complex project. I do think that you are thinking along the right lines but it’s something that needs very careful thought and a lot more information on what facilities will be required at each location, across all locations, etc. Also what level of call traffic between the sites. Whether you want to do call breakout though each site when dialling to numbers in each country, etc.