Advice: FreePBX Distro or PBX in a Flash (or something else)

Hi, a PBX noob here. We had a Trixbox setup how we wanted to (ringing in/out/ IVR memu, call groups, time groups, Queues etc). But since we have found out that trixbox has been out of date for 2 years, and worried about it being hackable. So we are looking for an alternative.

FreePBX Distro or PBX in a Flash are two that keep coming up (recommended), I know they are both based off FreePBX, but which one would you recommend fo an easy/user-friendly setup and easy to keep secure?


Well you came to FreePBX, that’s like walking into a Ford Dealership and asking should they buy a Ford or Chevy.

While PBXiaf and FreePBX accomplish the same goal they do it in two different ways. I think you need to evaluate them both and decide for yourself.

Of course we think the FreePBX Distro is the most stable and simplest method to get an CentOS, Asterisk/FreePBX system up and running.

well pointed out, my plan was to post in both forums, see what the responses were, but can’t post in the PBXiaf forums!

Actually it was your posts in the tribox forums that lead me to PBXiaf and FreePBX