Advanced Settings - Uneditable on FreePBX 2.10.0

Hi folks!

Just installed Asterisk 10 and FreePBX 2.10 on a fresh install of openSUSE 12. Everything installed fine (apart from some symlinks not getting done at /etc/asterisk, which I did by hand later), but now I can’t edit anything on the Advanced Settings.

Is it a known issue? On the FreePBX Distro it works like a charm, but this is the third or forth openSUSE fresh install that this happens.

(Yeah, still struggling with openSUSE… What Boss wants Boss gets…)

Anyone seen this happen before?

(Edit: I’ve found something similar in the topics below, but they’re related to FreePBX 2.9 and, anyway, those didn’t work for me. )

Just noticed that with Chrome the thing worked.

It didn’t work with Firefox 19 and IE8.

By the way, Chrome 25.0. The client OS (i.e. where the browser is) is a Windows Server 2003 via Remote Desktop. Both the openSUSE server and the “client” Windows Server are across town, I’m working from home via VPN on an Ubuntu Desktop (if that is relevant).

I really recommend 2.11 for non centos installs:

Uggg. Not the answer you want but just use CentOS like everyone else otherwise you are in for a world of pain. Tell your Boss it will cost double to try make it work on SuSe and then lifetime maintenance costs will also be double/triple.

Thanks, Mustardman.
I’ll tell him. Not that he will listen, but…