Advanced Recovery Module Question

In the previous HA configs both systems needed to be on the same network. In this scenario with the proper port forwarding can the two systems be on different networks?

There are no restrictions on server location with Advanced Recovery. Just need an IP route between them to sync settings.

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Excellent. So I could have one of the servers in the cloud with the proper port forwarding.

When it says - “Identical in specs” I recognize both need to have the same licensing for modules but do they have to have identical HD/RAM/motherboard as well?

no but generally the same capacity if you expect to have a fully functioning environment when failed over to it

check out the endpoint integration for sangoma devices , it makes the adjustments to the templates enabling redundancy in minutes

if you have any feedback on the module reach out to me

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i have a question on the license. i bought 25 years license HA license. so do i buy another license to use Advanced Recovery Module ?

(Clarification for the poor buggers who bought an intrinsically flawed system for thousands of dollars would be good :wink: )

yes. i agree. as i did not use the HA license when i can’t get it to work how i want it to be (since day 1). been sitting there since 2015

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