Advanced Recovery Keeps Failing

I have been trying to get the Advanced Recovery module working in my test system (luckily it’s just a test system). I’ve followed the guide on the wiki, but not sure if I am reading it wrong or it’s not clear in spots.

Here is some background:
-both running Advanced Recovery version
-both running Asterisk 18.10.0 on FreePBX

I have it set up on both the primary box and the secondary. It had been syncing just fine nightly (I’d see the emails the next morning) for probably two weeks now. Then it stopped doing that. I’ve tried to manually sync and it keeps telling me there was an error:

The log files that it tells me about don’t exist (at least I can’t find them), unless I’m misreading what it’s doing. I did look in /var/log/asterisk at “adv_recovery.log.” In there, it tells me:

2023-06-22 15:43:29 - Sync Process has initiated. Syncing time will depends on system capacity
2023-06-22 15:43:29 - Exiting Restore from primary to secondary ,because Primary  is marked as DOWN
2023-06-22 15:43:30 - Self system status {"asterisk":"OK"}
2023-06-22 15:43:51 - Pair server is alive 
2023-06-22 15:43:51 -  1687302422227 running on primary   and status of  standby  =alive

Unless I’m misunderstanding again what it means, I’d think being able to connect into the primary would mean the primary is up, but it keeps saying it exited because it’s “marked as DOWN.”

Here is the page from the primary box showing the service is running on both Primary and Standby:

And then here it is when logged into the standby:

Any helpful hints to get the Advanced Recovery module to work well?

Bumping this, hoping someone has some experience with Advanced Recovery. Some additional details that I don’t know if they help anything or not:

-Both the primary and standby servers are in a Hyper-V cluster
-Our network engineer uses a service that continuously pings different systems and alerts him if there’s a period of no response - he’s never received any notifications of either going down

Advanced Recovery is a paid module and therefore is supported by Sangoma. I’d suggest you open up a support ticket at

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Thanks sorry, I had forgotten about that route. I will say I’m just running a 30-day trial that expires in about a week. If I can get things up and running like they should maybe we’ll get the paid license. We’ve got time to figure things out at least.

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