Can anybody please supply me with the answer to this problem? I have been searching for the last three days and have followed countless online instructions.

I am using a fresh install of FreePBX with CentOS 4.7 and cannot get the Administrators module to work. Every time I have set AUTHTYPE=database I am locked out of the system and not even the mysql password gains access. I would like to change the default password before the system goes live but the instructions for doing this online will also not work. (I need ‘SUPER’ priveliges or something)

I am not totally new to asterisk but this has got me foxed.

Please Please help me as I am running out of hair to pull out.

Thak you in advance.

First thing this morning I found out the problem.

I am in fact running a modified version of Trixbox CE with the FreePBX front end and there was a duplicate file within the Trixbox filesystem. I hade to remove the first 7 lines. Then httpd restart and amportal restart and it works great now.

Sorry about the useless post.