Administrators module broken?

I’m trying to use the Administrators module in FreePBX 2.3.0beta2.

It works for the account that I created to have access to ALL SECTIONS but when I create an account and give it only limited access I login and can’t access anything but Module Admin under the Admin tab.

Anyone else run into this problem?

yes I had the same exact issue - was in the middle of trying to see if I went through the procedure wrong, but you confirm the problem

ticket - http//

I’ve hit this as well.

acknowledged, we’ll have a look later today

it’s fixed an will be out in the next framework - just need to look around and see about a few other issues in case they need to also be included. If you need it, you can grab the config.php file from svn and put it in your admin directory, that’s all you need for the fix.