Administrator account has limited priviledges

After watching more than 20 utube vids on FreePbx install and config, I installed FreePBX on a RaspberryPi 2.

The newest FreePbx releases would not work on RPi2 but an older one (2018 version) seemed to install and run fine.

When I ran it the first time it asked me to set up an Admin account, which I did.

While I have successfully installed and operated 2 softphones (Xlite and MicroSip) I seem to have limited admin privileges.

For example when I watch many of the utube vids and they select Applications, there are many options (more than 10) in the drop down list, but in my Applications there are only 7 choices in the drop down list.

And when I go to edit Extensions, I get a very limited ability to set features, again, quite different from the utube vids that I have seen.

Also, when I go into Admin | Administrators, there is a red banner at top that says; " NOTE: Authorization Type is set to ‘usermanager’ in Advanced Settings - note that this module is not currently providing full access control and is only used as a failover, stop-gap until this pane is fully migrated to User Manager. You will still be able to login with the users below as long as their username does not exist in User Manager"

In this menu, all of the permissions are indeed in the left column, so it seems that I should have all privileges, but I do not.

Any help is MUCH appreciated !

Thank you.

Some items are missing because this is not the officially supported distro, FreePBX doesn’t make an arm distro at this point in time. I would recommend following up with the maintainer of the distro, or their support group, to determine if there is an issue or if this is a limitation of the image you are using.

Thank you for your reply !!

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