Admin User Suggestions

Hello All,

In respect to the Administrators management tool, I was thinking it would be a good idea to have a confirmation field for the password change.
I say this because if you type a little to quick and save, you may lock yourself out.

Now I know that I can sign into the box via SSH and get around that, but I believe it may be a little safer, especially for those who aren’t command line guys would be a good idea and have only 1 admin user.

On the same module when you go to edit the permissions that you are providing an administrator, I think we should increase the height of the selection area of the sections rather then show 3 or 4 lines and have to scroll up and down within that small space as well as make it a little easier to read/spot what your looking for. Maybe a better design would be to have a checkbox for each option.

Lastly, if it’s not that much work do you think it makes sense to have a READ-ONLY checkbox overall to allow certain “wanna-be techs” to at least trouble shoot at the surface level without the ability to break anything?

Thanks for all the great work!!!


The developers don’t read the messages or if they do they will get lost.

If you have a feature request open a trak ticket for each feature you are requesting. You can then track the review process of your request.