Admin not asking for authentication

I’m not sure what I did but the admin portal is not asking for authentication any more. When I go to http://IPADDRESS/admin it goes straight to the dashboard and doesn’t ask for a username/pwd.

How do I fix this? Sorry I have searched online all morning and I didn’t find anything that helped sorry if there is a post somewhere I missed.

Did you maybe save your login/password in your browser and it’s auto inserting?

I thought of that LOL but no I have tried different computers as well as browsers that has never accessed the site and it goes straight to the dashboard. Freepbx 14

I also notice on the dash board I have two errors in the system overview that say

Unable to write to
Please change permissions on

doesn’t tell me anything more than that

What is “Authorization Type” in Advanced Settings?

That was it - for some reason it was set to none?

I set it to user manager and life if good thanks!

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