Admin logs

Good day,

I am the main admin of a FreePBX and I have some general helpdesk guys that create etc extensions for me.

So I have been finding that they disable and enable call recording on some extensions.

So what I am looking for is a general log of changes being made on the FreePBX. So you can see:

Changes to 3479 call recording set to On Demand by Jeff

Jeff being his login into the PBX etc.

I am running a pretty old version: FreePBX version FreePBXFreePBX

I am hoping there is some kind of log like this so I can track down who made changes etc. This will obviously help for more things than just this scenario.

Thanks in advance.

The web interface is all PHP source code, so if they are doing it in the browser, you would want to add some logging in the PHP module where that code is getting executed. Look at the URL for the page where that stuff happens to figure out what page is being executed and make the change.