Admin is always logged

Make sure that display readonly settings is set to yes.

Do you see this?

Authtype is set to none and grayed. However, If I change it to usermanager or database and apply config. I can see Administrators module or a gear icon at top right, But AuthType is still grayed and when I go to gear Icon or Administrator tab. settings are going back. I understand that it is like that 'cause there are Read Only settings. I am googling to find the way to change it.

Thank You!

You have to to set override to yes.

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Ohh so simple… I tried with changing amportal.conf. but every time it was changing back. Probably permissions.

It is working now!!.
Realy Thank You @PitzKey and rest of you guys for help.

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Not permissions - order of operations. Changes to the system are managed through the databases and webpages in FreePBX. These changes are then written out to the “standard” configuration files (like amportal.conf) by the system. Changing the amportal.conf file by hand is guaranteed to be overwritten every time you reload the configurations.

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Got it.

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