Admin gui timeout freepbx 15.x


I have adjusted the session timeout, under advanced settings, the defualt is 30 days, however my times out when ever it feels like it, I have adjust the timeout manually in the config.php but it makes no difference.

Any ideas

Try a different browser or in safe mode. There may be some privacy thing killing your cookies

I tried chrome in safe mode, edge and i use brave, Same result keeps timing out.

When can i look to see the session time thats actual gets set, I looked its in /var/lib/php/sessions but nothing there?

Does it happen on different pages, or is it always the same page?

happens on different pages

What are you doing to fix it? fwconsole restart, systemctl restart httpd…?

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`systemctl restart apache2.

running phpinfo i find the only way to change maxtimelife is changing the value in php.ini under php7.0 folder. changing value in advanced setting does nothing. I think adavaced settings changes config.php for freepbx, but this is not feed into php.ini.

I am experiencing this issue as well. I realized that, despite the error, the configuration was applied, and for that reason I didn’t consider it to be critically important, but every time we have to make changes this issue comes up and its really tiresome to be always getting these errors.
For that reason we started looking for some solution, and ended up coming across this topic (amongst many others with the exact same issue, the same proposed “solutions” that never solved anything).

But what we consider more alarming is that this isn’t, apparently, any kind of new issue. I found a topic from 2014 - 7 years ago, exposing this exact same issue:
But what’s more outraging is that is marked as SOLVED - when clearly isn’t.

I don’t know exactly what kind of web apps people at Sangoma are used to using, but we are not used to these issues, be it on open-source software or paid software (specially if we consider that FreePBX is only a fancy GUI for Asterisk) - I mean, how hard is it to write some config changes and return OK???.
I definitely hope someone takes a look at this and fixes it once and for all.

System: Oracle Linux 8
Asterisk: 18.4.0

That’s a different issue related to timeout on Apply Config. OP’s issue is the GUI just timing out randomly, not on Apply Config.

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