Admin gui timeout freepbx 15.x

(Australia) #1


I have adjusted the session timeout, under advanced settings, the defualt is 30 days, however my times out when ever it feels like it, I have adjust the timeout manually in the config.php but it makes no difference.

Any ideas

(TheJames) #2

Try a different browser or in safe mode. There may be some privacy thing killing your cookies

(Australia) #3

I tried chrome in safe mode, edge and i use brave, Same result keeps timing out.

When can i look to see the session time thats actual gets set, I looked its in /var/lib/php/sessions but nothing there?

(Andrew) #4

Does it happen on different pages, or is it always the same page?

(Australia) #5

happens on different pages

(Andrew) #6

What are you doing to fix it? fwconsole restart, systemctl restart httpd…?