Adjusting TX/RX volume on specific Trunk

Hello. I have two trunks attached to my FreePBX setup, one of which works perfectly and the other, via FXO, which is very quiet, particularly on transmission. The FXO adapter is already at max gain. Is there any way of adjusting the gain within FreePBX for the transmission over that specific trunk?

If possible, I do not really want to increase the overall volume/gain system-wide - it’s perfect across internal calls and a direct VOIP SIP trunk - only one trunk needs to be adjusted.

No… But, if you have a volume issue with an analog trunk using an FXO adapter, there is likely a problem with your impedence settings. Some FXOs have a testing mode that will automatically set the impedence correctly. The Grandstream GXW-410X series does.

Others don’t. If your doesn’t, you’ll either have to have someone test the impedence, or you’ll have to just try each setting until you find the one that works best for you.

if using dahdi, first do the fxotune thing then balance the hybrid for echo reduction with dahdi_monitor and a call.file calling a local milliwatt test number and connecting it to app_milliwatt, while adjusting RX/TX settings ( requires dahdi restarting)

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