Adjusting cdr_mysql.conf for missed calls

I am having issues with calls to a ring group being routed directly to voicemail and I am trying to diagnose the issue without much success. When the calls do fail, I do not even see events in the asterisk debug log/cli. I suspect that this is because when I check on the CDR status that unanswered is set to no:

trixboxceCLI> cdr status
CDR logging: enabled
CDR mode: simple
CDR output unanswered calls: no
CDR registered backend: mysql

I tried appending cdr_mysql.conf with the following:

; Note - if the database server is hosted on the same machine as the
; asterisk server, you can achieve a local Unix socket connection by
; setting hostname = localhost
; port and sock are both optional parameters. If hostname is specified
; and is not “localhost”, then cdr_mysql will attempt to connect to the
; port specified or use the default port. If hostname is not specified
; or if hostname is “localhost”, then cdr_mysql will attempt to connect
; to the socket file specified by sock or otherwise use the default socket
; file.
hostname = localhost
password = amp109
user = asteriskuser

unanswered = yes

However, I still do not get CDR’s or see these failed calls in the asterisk CLI. Can someone offer some advice on how to get these calls in the CLI/CDR’s so I can diagnose where the breakdown is happening?

trixbox is abandoned and unsupported software.

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