AdHoc Device & User Mode Voicemail MWI Notifications

I wanted to post this to see if anyone had any ideas / see if it could be fixed. I am using
Current PBX Version:
Current System Version: 12.7.4-1802-3.sng7
Asterisk 15.1.1
Voicemail module:

Our system is configured with Device & User mode enabled and each device being set to AdHoc mode. The devices and extensions work perfectly except for one problem. The problem I am running into is my decies are not receiving MWI notifications when new voicemail is delivered. I believe this is because the devices are not set with the mailbox field (since multiple users use a single device). The phones appear to be registering for noticications from the device instead of from the user (extension) when it is logged in. The phones work properly when the mailbox field is filled in with a [email protected] option, but not when left blank.

I was wondering if there was a way to have the phone still register to the device and have the device retrieve the mwi status from the logged in user? In this way the phone would not have to re-register each time a user logs in or out; and it could provide the correct voicemail information on the phone. I don’t know enough to know which files need to be adjusted for the mwi settings, but would be grateful for any assistance. Currently we have to have the system send out email notices when a message is left because there is no notification on the phone.

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