Address book changed behaviour in latest update?

I’ve just updated my FreePBX install from the online updates. A little later I was adding some more entries to the Address Book, where I think the default behaviour has changed.

Previously adding a name and number (ignoring the speed dial) and clicking Submit, would store the number without a speed dial. (I just use this for logging and pushing to the phones for incoming calls).

Now, when I click Submit I get a popup telling be to enter a speed dial number or leave it blank and click yes on use speed dial. I don’t want speed dial, but now there’s no way past this unless I enter one.

The new version is the Address Book is So, is this change by design? If so, is there any way around this? Or any way to go back?

Not sure how many of you use the phone book, but recently, like last 3 days, when I add an entry to the phone book it requires “Yes” to speed-dial even though I do not want a speed-dial… :slight_smile: maybe it’s a bug, or maybe it just really wants a speed-dial code… anyone else?

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Confirmed. Using Asterisk Phonebook, it no longer appears possible to create entries without a speed dial code. This appears to be new behavior, you can open a ticket at

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