Additional user for ARI


I use free pbx version
Succesfully login to ARI with admin username (same username that we login to freepbx).
Need add another user that can login to ARI and leasten to all records but will can’t login to freepbx to make changes.

How it’s possible to do it ?

Thank you very much.

I was not aware that you could log into the ARI interface using the FreePBX admin user. you learn something new every day.

The usual way that one log into the ARI interface is using the extension and voice mail password.


User that log in to ari with extension and voice mail password can listen only to personal recordings.
We need user that will be able log in to ARI and listen to all recordings (manager access).

You might try to create an admin user and limit that user to only see the call recordings.


I try it, but this user can’t login to ari.
Also try new user on freepbx and choose al option on Admin access - but user still can’t login to ari.


I want to create additional admin account to listen Call recordings,i don’t find any option create account, i think it is not possible in Free PBX, if anyone knows, please guide me