Additional SIP settings under FreePBX 14

Hi FPBX Users and Admins!

In the WebGUI of former FreePBX versions there was the possibilty to add additional SIP configurations under:

Astersik SIP settings > Advanced settings > Other SIP Settings

I’m running FreePBX 14 and there is no Other SIP Settings section.

Do you know where it has been moved or if it has been replaced?

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Thank you very much!


Go to the chan sip tab

Hi Andrew, thanks for your reply!

Assume that you are talking about

Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings > Chan SIP Settings

My FreePBX doesn’t have this tab. It has:

  • Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings > Chan PJSIP Settings
  • Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings > General SIP Settings

Neither the first nor the second provide the option ‘Other SIP Settings’.


Browse to Settings, Advanced Settings and set the SIP Driver to ‘both’. Restart Asterisk.

Thanks for the hint regarding the ‘both’ setting.

Having changed the config appropriately I restarted the SIP server.

Unfortunately, the DIVERSION header is still being created during a call with call forwarding enabled.

My assumption is, that it does not suffice to enable both of the channel drivers in the system and to add your additional SIP configuration to the ‘Other SIP Settings’ below the chan_sip settings. It seems that changed chan_sip configuration does not affect trunks of the type chan_pjsip (big surprise!).

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